Sith Hits the Fan

I ain't afraid of no Ghost!

After days of restless sleep – and jumping at every sound, the Shadowport Favaron is alive with paranormal activity. The turbolifts will remain silent for hours, only to come alive at random times, and descend into the bowels of the asteroid base, and then ascend back into the Hanger where the weary hero’s observe the doors open….the lights flicker….and then close again. This happens all too often. Other times, whispering can be heard, and the sound of breathing, where no one living can be seen. Activity can be heard on the doors, but the surveillance cameras reveal nothing.

After a few days, the heroes gather enough courage to descend back into the second level and gather some valuable equipment that each hero observed during their time staring at the bases cameras.

Once the turbolift doors opened, the base seemed to come alive, but not with ghosts – only defensive sub-systems. At first, the gravity of the entire base was slowly being turned up to the point where the heroes would have been crushed to death. To complicate matters, a few sentry droids were activated and came to life.

After nearly losing the battle of gravity – Ghent managed to correct the system, and gravity was restored, only to have a maniacal Artificial Intelligence mistake vulziggy for an ancient Sith Lord. The old Jedi shadowport began a 30 second self destruct sequence, giving the heroes no time for escape. Realizing that the with a paranoid Ghent desparatey trying to slice into every program on the base, Vulziggy manages to express, in a very angry and abrasive manner, that he was not the sith lord….and while insulting the AI, the base still aborted the self destruct sequence.

Once everyone was breathing easy again, it was Zenon who realized everyone was breathing a nearly in-perceivable poison. Within 30 seconds, our sexy medic examined the medical bay and found inoculations for the poison and cured herself from any further damage. The entire party was communicating via comminks, and once it was realized that anyone without a breathing mask (Kel-Dor) would be paralized and death in less than 30 seconds, the hallsway leading to medical bay was full of sprinting heroes, nearly pushing eachother down in order to get inoculated!

Once everyone was cured, and the poison was shut off in the air circulation system, it was Shakei who wanted to venture even further into the haunted, terrifying, and booby trapped base.

With Vulziggy at her side, they found the turbolifts to the ancient meditation chambers below. As they stepped out, the door to a meditation room opened and the two of them felt a cold draft as they looked into the darkness of the room. It was then, that Sha Kei was pulled by an unseen force into the darkness, and sealed into the dark room. With Vulziggy observing, he was nearly jumped by a super battle droid behind him, but he pulled his vibroax for the first time and slashed at the droid in close quarters.

Meanwhile, inside the chamber – Sha Kei stirs on the floor of the dark room…and in front of her lies two sentry guns humming to life and aiming at her, and at her feet, she sees the outline of the hilt – of a very old lightsaber.



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