Sith Hits the Fan

Life on the Duck, and on the Run

Once the heroes found their way to the Duck, they had to slice their way inside with a little help from Ghent. Once the ramp door opens, the heroes realize that the Duck has been sitting quite some time derelict. There was garbage, and dust and terrible smells. The pilot chair squeaked, and the refresher doors were jammed open. It was later found that the there was no hot water in the shower either. Not to mention that there was a terrible smell in the air circulation system.

Nevertheless, it was time to escape the planet. During their trip into orbit, L337 found that a Mon Calimari ship was in orbit over Mos Espa and that changing course wasn’t an option. Before L337 could plot a hyperspace jump, the Mon Calimari ship projected a gravity well onto the Duck, preventing any jump – and an intercept ship was en-route. Before the heroes could react, the Mon calimari boarded the ship, demanding that the Vulziggy, the traitor of their planet be turned over to them. A small skirmish erupted before Ghent could tap into their communicators and deceived the boarding party that they were boarding the wrong ship. The mon calimari apologized and made a hasty retreat back towards the capital ship as the Duck made a Hyperjump toward a Shadowport Favaron, a Jedi Shadowport in an asteroid on a 300 year orbit around the star in the Ryloth system that was used as a waypoint for refueling and repairs during long missions.

It was at this point that L337 reveals that the Inquisitors have been trying to track down the ocation of L337 because of his known master, Aurelius Senesca, a Jedi on an investigation into unknown space trying to validate rumors about a sith artifact.

Once arriving at Shadowport Favaron, it is soon discovered that the entire base is in stasis, and there is no gravity or environmental controls. Once our heroes get control of the gravity, temperature and life support, the repairs on the ship begin. Once some terrifying sounds coming from the tubolifts, the heroes decide to investigate. They open the turbolift doors, and find – nothing, and the hair on the backs of their necks prick up and a chill runs down their spine.

ShaKei and Ghent decide to investigate the bowels of the ship. The doors open in the turboift, revealing – nothing. The lights flicker on and off – and blood curdling screams are heard around the corners. The sentry guns are on full alert, and operational. Before Ghent and Shakei can fully understand that the shadowbase is actually haunted, two sith flank the heroes, only to lock in lightsaber combat before them, and then the apparitions dissappear.

As the Turbolift doors open, the Ghent and Shakei rapidly get inside and ascend.



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