Sith Hits the Fan

...Out of the frying pan - and into the oven

During the Hero’s desparate attempt to escape Tattooine, the heroes take Anal’s transport ship and race towards the Dusty Duck, a few hundred miles away. Along the way – bounty hunters on swoop bikes were on a high speed pursuit in yet another attempt to capture Ghent. With some swift thinking, Ghent rigged the ramp doors to only open a few inches, just enough for the hero’s to poke out the barrels of their blasters and resolve the pursuit.

Just as everything going according to plan as the swoop bikes were destroyed, one-by-one – an imperial attack gunship destroyed the final swoop bike. The famously vicious 403rd Clone unit was in hot pursuit and it looked as though they weren’t looking to take any prisoners this time and started to bombard the heroes with gunfire.

With quick thinking – Sha-Kei utilized the ships onboard weapons and began to relentlessly attack the gunship.

Vulziggy, stubborn as ever began taking pop-shots out of the top hatch of the transport, not even denting the ship – but true to his demeanor, he observed structural deficiencies in the ships hull, and relayed them to the crew.

Zenon decided to pilot the transport and take a more aggressive approach at the evasive maneuvers and only managed to bounce off of a few boulders.

Just as the battle was getting dirty, and a true victor wasn’t determined, Ghent sliced into the Clone troopers communications and created a deafening pitch in their ears – giving Ghent an extra opportunity to slice directly into the Gunships navigation. With some deft flicks of his fingers on the computer terminal – Ghent programmed the Gunship to believe it was at an altitude a few hundred feet above the ground than what it really was. Once the ship took corrective action to adjust it’s bearing, it plummeted directly into the desert sand, exploding on impact.

Looking to escape the planet – the heroes made a pit stop in Mos Espa to sell the remote processor and coordinates for a fraction of the price, just to buy enough supplies and tools to leave the planet.

During the shopping expedition in Mos Espa, Ghent overheard far away communications that the Criminal and traitor Vulziggy was in Mos Espa, and an intercept crew was en route.



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