Sith Hits the Fan

Wreck and Ruin

Session I


War criminals, galactic derelicts, exiles and broken men call this planet home. The planet wide desert make this an inhospitable, undesirable and often overlooked destination.

It is here that we find Mos Gamos in the long shadows of sunset. In the cantina, Ghent walks in and looks for his contact. Before his eyes can adjust, he is faced with an angry Gamorrean accusing him of shooting his brother. The Gamorrean tries to pull a blaster, but instead, fumbles with his weapon and pulls off the entire holseter. In the confusion, Ghent reacts with a concealed blaster of his own. Before long, the thug fell to the floor oozing out rancid fluids and smells from a hole where his organs once were. Ghent, not used to his own weapon – shakes it off, steps over the twitching corpse and and lives to fight another day

Observing the chaos, Anal Rimsward laughs at Ghent, and waves him over to meet the rest of our heroes: Sha Kei, Vulziggy and Zenon. They are quietly, but rapidly briefed about a potentially very profitable salvage operation that Anal spent all of his own credits in order to purchase the coordinates from Vordel, an untrustworthy smuggler.

After briefing the heroes on Crash Site of the StarWorm the party decide to set out during the night to avoid any other salvagers from claiming the site.

After an uneasy ride in the back of a windowless transport piloted by Anal’s personal protocol droid, the party arrive at the crash site, only to find that out in the darkness, a different party has laid claim to it.

After Ghent was spotted, he was dropped by a few well placed blaster shots from the unwelcome thugs. Vulziggy was also badly injured before Sha Kei and Zenon took advantage of the terrain and killed the enemy party.

After the fight, Vulziggy found an unusual draft of air coming out of the wreckage, and with quick thinking, Ghent jerry-rigged one of the thug’s blasters of overload and blow open the hidden entrance to the chambers below.

Zenon and Ghent decided to climb down and search the interior of the wreck, while Sha Kei and Vulziggy kept watch for any other potential scavengers.

During the search inside the wreck, Ghent and Zoron found credits, and droid parts, as well as a few battle droids. Zenon quickly dispatched the droids while Ghent located a pricey remote processor, (Cha-Ching)

Meanwhile, Sha Kei and Vulziggy discover a sand person droid-napping their pilot and foil the plot by killing the sand person, quickly getting the favor of Anal’s droid.

The party returns to Mos Gamos only minutes before day-break. They are exhausted, tired, bloodied and beaten, but the only thing on their minds are the thousands of credits they’ve earned. As they walk into the office of Anal Rimswardto collect their reward, they stumble onto a grim, and terrifying scene. Laying in a pool of his own blood and brain, Anal Rimsward lay executed behind his desk with a hole in his head.

With their backpacks filled with their mission’s bounty, they find themselves staring down the rifles of a small garrison of clone troopers, only to be coldly greeted by an imperial grand inquisitor.



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