This Bothan is a womanizing drunk, eager to slice into your database


Ghent was born and raised on Kothlis, a Bothan colony world. This was very much a village that raises the children society. Early on Ghent realized he had a knack for computers. He also had that itch, he wanted to get out and see the galaxy, but doing so aint cheap. So he started taking on little jobs from the colonists and even travelers and traders passing thru in order to make a quick credit and live. He was good at this, really good but never found the big break he was looking for to live the high life. As he skill rose and his reputation got around, he got asked to do more and more risky transactions. Ghent was to naive to realize what exactly he was being asked to do most the time. He just didn’t care about what he was actually doing, just the challenge of it and the credits behind it.

Til one day on an all too familiar planet of Tatonnie (sp) he was asked to reprogram some computers to some pod racers. He thought it was to enhance them, so with this information he took out a loan from one of Jabba the Hutt’s lackey’s, and bet on the one he mod’d. Turns out the instructions on the mod he did on the pod racer was in fact something to screw it up. He lost the bet…. When he tried to make a payment plan with the Jabba the Hutt’s lackey, things got out of control quick. A brawl started out. Wild swings were thrown; Ghent saw a concealed blaster on his opponent. He reached for it; he grabbed it, holster and all. Both Ghent and the lackey were surprised by this action and stunned for a moment. As our hero was trying un-holster the gun it went off, shooting a hole through the holster and shooting off the lackey’s toe! The lackey fell over in pain, really did it hurt that much? ‘Screw that!’ our hero thought, stuffed the blaster, holster and all into his shirt and our heroic was on the run.


Sith Hits the Fan Ghent