Sha Kei

A Kel Dorian with a mysterious past, and family connections to the Force


Crimson red skin and antiox mask mark this young combatant as a Kel Dorian. Due to the necessity to wear the mask, for survival, her eyes and much of her face are unable to be seen.


Mysterious coordinates
Originating from the outskirts of the planet Dorin, not much is known about our red skinned friend. She has a quick whit, a hot temper, and a strong sense of honor, putting her own life at risk to save members of her newly appointed team. She is young, which makes the rest of the group wary about her abilities as a fellow combatant, but she makes up for it with spunk and accuracy in a fight. She is very guarded about her past and wary of saying too much, often hiding behind harsh words and avoiding friendly conversation.

A Close Call w/ the Grand Inquisitor, the Infamous 403rd Legion and some mercenaries
After the events at Anal’s residence in Mos Gamos on Tatooine Sha Kei realizes the need for honesty and full disclosure to her fellow comrades. Their bravery and determination not to leave her behind was endearing. As L337 (Leet) pilot’s Sha Kei, Ziggy, Ghent and Z to Mos Espa, Kei takes the opportunity to set the record straight about her past. “it was my light saber.” pause “well my grandfather’s shoto to be exact. During the Great Jedi Massacre the Emporer sent men to Dorin to execute my grandfather, who was a retired member of the Jedi Council, and his entire family. The troopers started at the capital of Dorin with my mother and father, who were diplomatic ambassadors, then marching onto my grandparent’s farmland with my parent’s heats mounted on spears, they slaughtered my grandfather and grandmother along with all the laborers who lived and worked on our small farm at the outskirts of Dorin. Before the emporer’s men entered our home, my grandfather took me into his study and gave me his shoto, just the name given to a short light saber. He told me I had the gift of the Force. He said he’d been suspicious at first, but was now certain I that posessed a sensitivity to the Force. He told me to go to my cousin, Sha Koon. That she would make sure I was trained in the ways of the Force, and even more crucially that I be trained to use the light side of the Force. So, broke and on the run, I escaped through the Dorin Run. It is a smuggler route leading to and from the planet Dorin. However, because it lies between the two black holes that border my home planet, all but the most reckless consider it too dangerous. Considering I was desperate it was my only option. That is how I came to Tatooine, searching for my cousin Sha Koon, a Jedi Master, last known to be commanding a fleet of separatists above Tatooine.” With head hung low and hands in her lap Kei shrugged as she finished her story. “And thanks for the solid u did me back there at Anal’s. You all are crazy, but I owe you my life!”

Sha Kei

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