Sith Hits the Fan

I ain't afraid of no Ghost!

After days of restless sleep – and jumping at every sound, the Shadowport Favaron is alive with paranormal activity. The turbolifts will remain silent for hours, only to come alive at random times, and descend into the bowels of the asteroid base, and then ascend back into the Hanger where the weary hero’s observe the doors open….the lights flicker….and then close again. This happens all too often. Other times, whispering can be heard, and the sound of breathing, where no one living can be seen. Activity can be heard on the doors, but the surveillance cameras reveal nothing.

After a few days, the heroes gather enough courage to descend back into the second level and gather some valuable equipment that each hero observed during their time staring at the bases cameras.

Once the turbolift doors opened, the base seemed to come alive, but not with ghosts – only defensive sub-systems. At first, the gravity of the entire base was slowly being turned up to the point where the heroes would have been crushed to death. To complicate matters, a few sentry droids were activated and came to life.

After nearly losing the battle of gravity – Ghent managed to correct the system, and gravity was restored, only to have a maniacal Artificial Intelligence mistake vulziggy for an ancient Sith Lord. The old Jedi shadowport began a 30 second self destruct sequence, giving the heroes no time for escape. Realizing that the with a paranoid Ghent desparatey trying to slice into every program on the base, Vulziggy manages to express, in a very angry and abrasive manner, that he was not the sith lord….and while insulting the AI, the base still aborted the self destruct sequence.

Once everyone was breathing easy again, it was Zenon who realized everyone was breathing a nearly in-perceivable poison. Within 30 seconds, our sexy medic examined the medical bay and found inoculations for the poison and cured herself from any further damage. The entire party was communicating via comminks, and once it was realized that anyone without a breathing mask (Kel-Dor) would be paralized and death in less than 30 seconds, the hallsway leading to medical bay was full of sprinting heroes, nearly pushing eachother down in order to get inoculated!

Once everyone was cured, and the poison was shut off in the air circulation system, it was Shakei who wanted to venture even further into the haunted, terrifying, and booby trapped base.

With Vulziggy at her side, they found the turbolifts to the ancient meditation chambers below. As they stepped out, the door to a meditation room opened and the two of them felt a cold draft as they looked into the darkness of the room. It was then, that Sha Kei was pulled by an unseen force into the darkness, and sealed into the dark room. With Vulziggy observing, he was nearly jumped by a super battle droid behind him, but he pulled his vibroax for the first time and slashed at the droid in close quarters.

Meanwhile, inside the chamber – Sha Kei stirs on the floor of the dark room…and in front of her lies two sentry guns humming to life and aiming at her, and at her feet, she sees the outline of the hilt – of a very old lightsaber.

Life on the Duck, and on the Run

Once the heroes found their way to the Duck, they had to slice their way inside with a little help from Ghent. Once the ramp door opens, the heroes realize that the Duck has been sitting quite some time derelict. There was garbage, and dust and terrible smells. The pilot chair squeaked, and the refresher doors were jammed open. It was later found that the there was no hot water in the shower either. Not to mention that there was a terrible smell in the air circulation system.

Nevertheless, it was time to escape the planet. During their trip into orbit, L337 found that a Mon Calimari ship was in orbit over Mos Espa and that changing course wasn’t an option. Before L337 could plot a hyperspace jump, the Mon Calimari ship projected a gravity well onto the Duck, preventing any jump – and an intercept ship was en-route. Before the heroes could react, the Mon calimari boarded the ship, demanding that the Vulziggy, the traitor of their planet be turned over to them. A small skirmish erupted before Ghent could tap into their communicators and deceived the boarding party that they were boarding the wrong ship. The mon calimari apologized and made a hasty retreat back towards the capital ship as the Duck made a Hyperjump toward a Shadowport Favaron, a Jedi Shadowport in an asteroid on a 300 year orbit around the star in the Ryloth system that was used as a waypoint for refueling and repairs during long missions.

It was at this point that L337 reveals that the Inquisitors have been trying to track down the ocation of L337 because of his known master, Aurelius Senesca, a Jedi on an investigation into unknown space trying to validate rumors about a sith artifact.

Once arriving at Shadowport Favaron, it is soon discovered that the entire base is in stasis, and there is no gravity or environmental controls. Once our heroes get control of the gravity, temperature and life support, the repairs on the ship begin. Once some terrifying sounds coming from the tubolifts, the heroes decide to investigate. They open the turbolift doors, and find – nothing, and the hair on the backs of their necks prick up and a chill runs down their spine.

ShaKei and Ghent decide to investigate the bowels of the ship. The doors open in the turboift, revealing – nothing. The lights flicker on and off – and blood curdling screams are heard around the corners. The sentry guns are on full alert, and operational. Before Ghent and Shakei can fully understand that the shadowbase is actually haunted, two sith flank the heroes, only to lock in lightsaber combat before them, and then the apparitions dissappear.

As the Turbolift doors open, the Ghent and Shakei rapidly get inside and ascend.

...Out of the frying pan - and into the oven

During the Hero’s desparate attempt to escape Tattooine, the heroes take Anal’s transport ship and race towards the Dusty Duck, a few hundred miles away. Along the way – bounty hunters on swoop bikes were on a high speed pursuit in yet another attempt to capture Ghent. With some swift thinking, Ghent rigged the ramp doors to only open a few inches, just enough for the hero’s to poke out the barrels of their blasters and resolve the pursuit.

Just as everything going according to plan as the swoop bikes were destroyed, one-by-one – an imperial attack gunship destroyed the final swoop bike. The famously vicious 403rd Clone unit was in hot pursuit and it looked as though they weren’t looking to take any prisoners this time and started to bombard the heroes with gunfire.

With quick thinking – Sha-Kei utilized the ships onboard weapons and began to relentlessly attack the gunship.

Vulziggy, stubborn as ever began taking pop-shots out of the top hatch of the transport, not even denting the ship – but true to his demeanor, he observed structural deficiencies in the ships hull, and relayed them to the crew.

Zenon decided to pilot the transport and take a more aggressive approach at the evasive maneuvers and only managed to bounce off of a few boulders.

Just as the battle was getting dirty, and a true victor wasn’t determined, Ghent sliced into the Clone troopers communications and created a deafening pitch in their ears – giving Ghent an extra opportunity to slice directly into the Gunships navigation. With some deft flicks of his fingers on the computer terminal – Ghent programmed the Gunship to believe it was at an altitude a few hundred feet above the ground than what it really was. Once the ship took corrective action to adjust it’s bearing, it plummeted directly into the desert sand, exploding on impact.

Looking to escape the planet – the heroes made a pit stop in Mos Espa to sell the remote processor and coordinates for a fraction of the price, just to buy enough supplies and tools to leave the planet.

During the shopping expedition in Mos Espa, Ghent overheard far away communications that the Criminal and traitor Vulziggy was in Mos Espa, and an intercept crew was en route.

Into the frying pan

After introducing himself, Grand Inquisitor Kash Drakar nearly wiped out the entire team with the aid of the 403rd “suicide” Legion of deranged clone troopers. Short with his temper, Kash thrust Vulziggy and Sha-Kei with a fierce force push attack, throwing them against a wall and leaving them gasping for air on the ground.

Ghent explained the business deal arranged with Anal, and that they scavenged the Federation crash site.

A Clone confiscated their backpacks, and alerted Kash of a lightsaber. Kash, using a technique to gauge Force potential, found that Sha-Kei was the “sleeper” and offered to train her in order to work for the Imperials. When asked what would happen if she refused, Kash responded by only igniting his red lightsaber.

That’s about the time that Ghent’s past caught up with him. Kicking down the door behind the group, three mercenary bounty hunters rushed in and demanded that Ghent come with them. Without anyone making a move, the mercenary grabbed Sha-Kei and put a blaster up to her head, demanding that Ghent come with them, and that this was a Hutt affair, and that empire has no jurisdiction.

With an effortless flick of his wrist, Kash used the force and disarmed the mercenary holding Sha-Kei hostage, and shot him with his own blaster – resulting in an instant firefight between all parties. Our group mostly diving for cover was completely overwhelmed. Zenon was gripped by Kash from under a desk and flung across the room, and broke side door leading outside. With quick thinking, Zenon and Vulziggy avoided the firefight by running outside to seek help, while Sha-Kei was fighting to stay alive between the opposing groups.

Ghent, realizing the gravity of the situation, jumped out a window and ran towards the hanger containing Anal’s transport ship. It was there that he met with Zenon and the Pilot droid who introduced itself as L337, and managed to come up with a plan of its own to rescue the Kel-Dor that saved its own life.

Meanwhile, Vulziggy has snuck around to the back door and managed to start firing on the unsuspecting clones when the front end of the building was blown open, burying the mercenaries. In the confusion, Ghent and Zenon started to fire from the open doors of the transport, suppressing the clones into finding cover.

In a heroic effort, Vulziggy attempted to persuade Kash to let them go, and that the fight wasn’t going his way. Inquisitor Kash , although tempted to let them go – decided that his prized force sensitive Kel-Dor wasnt worth the trouble, so Vulziggy boldly pushed his way past the inquisitor and into harms way just to help Sha-Kei escape. WIth a quick slash, Vulziggy took a lightsaber wound on his back, but managed to get to Sha-Kei in time to help her onto the transport.

Furious, Kash was about to release a force lightning storm on the entire group, but the doors cosed and the transport tore off through the city, giving the group time to patch some wounds.

Sha-Kei leveled with her rescuers and thought she owed them an explanation as to why she had a lightsaber – and her tragic past.

L337 communicated to the group that it was going to take them to Mos Espa and seek out the Location of the Dusty Duck, a haunted ship capable of getting them off the planet, considering that they were now criminals of the Empire and the Hutts.

The group was cruising along just fine until the ship was rocked by an apparent attack, and L337 came onto the Holo-communicator and told the crew to arm themselves and prepare for an attack. L337 opened the transport door to reveal a group of swoop bikes, demanding the turnover of the criminal Ghent.

Wreck and Ruin
Session I


War criminals, galactic derelicts, exiles and broken men call this planet home. The planet wide desert make this an inhospitable, undesirable and often overlooked destination.

It is here that we find Mos Gamos in the long shadows of sunset. In the cantina, Ghent walks in and looks for his contact. Before his eyes can adjust, he is faced with an angry Gamorrean accusing him of shooting his brother. The Gamorrean tries to pull a blaster, but instead, fumbles with his weapon and pulls off the entire holseter. In the confusion, Ghent reacts with a concealed blaster of his own. Before long, the thug fell to the floor oozing out rancid fluids and smells from a hole where his organs once were. Ghent, not used to his own weapon – shakes it off, steps over the twitching corpse and and lives to fight another day

Observing the chaos, Anal Rimsward laughs at Ghent, and waves him over to meet the rest of our heroes: Sha Kei, Vulziggy and Zenon. They are quietly, but rapidly briefed about a potentially very profitable salvage operation that Anal spent all of his own credits in order to purchase the coordinates from Vordel, an untrustworthy smuggler.

After briefing the heroes on Crash Site of the StarWorm the party decide to set out during the night to avoid any other salvagers from claiming the site.

After an uneasy ride in the back of a windowless transport piloted by Anal’s personal protocol droid, the party arrive at the crash site, only to find that out in the darkness, a different party has laid claim to it.

After Ghent was spotted, he was dropped by a few well placed blaster shots from the unwelcome thugs. Vulziggy was also badly injured before Sha Kei and Zenon took advantage of the terrain and killed the enemy party.

After the fight, Vulziggy found an unusual draft of air coming out of the wreckage, and with quick thinking, Ghent jerry-rigged one of the thug’s blasters of overload and blow open the hidden entrance to the chambers below.

Zenon and Ghent decided to climb down and search the interior of the wreck, while Sha Kei and Vulziggy kept watch for any other potential scavengers.

During the search inside the wreck, Ghent and Zoron found credits, and droid parts, as well as a few battle droids. Zenon quickly dispatched the droids while Ghent located a pricey remote processor, (Cha-Ching)

Meanwhile, Sha Kei and Vulziggy discover a sand person droid-napping their pilot and foil the plot by killing the sand person, quickly getting the favor of Anal’s droid.

The party returns to Mos Gamos only minutes before day-break. They are exhausted, tired, bloodied and beaten, but the only thing on their minds are the thousands of credits they’ve earned. As they walk into the office of Anal Rimswardto collect their reward, they stumble onto a grim, and terrifying scene. Laying in a pool of his own blood and brain, Anal Rimsward lay executed behind his desk with a hole in his head.

With their backpacks filled with their mission’s bounty, they find themselves staring down the rifles of a small garrison of clone troopers, only to be coldly greeted by an imperial grand inquisitor.


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